Team Values

Stylax Prioritizes Customer Service

Most of our business is repeat business. We want to establish lasting relationships with all of our customers. Every team we work with has a different style. Every customer has different priorities. We strive to understand your needs, and tailor the workflow to meet those needs.

If you are a customer who has a very particular idea of what your jersey should look like, we’ll spend extra time color matching, and show or ship you samples until you are confident in the product you’ll be receiving.

We have a capable and professional team ready to create graphics and jersey designs, to help your team look and feel their best on the field. We never produce products without the express approval of a proof before production begins. We want everyone on the same page to assure your ultimate satisfaction.

Stylax Cares

We have superior attention to detail; there are numerous quality control checks in place throughout every step of our process. What we do is an art, not a science, but nevertheless we are careful, methodical and proud of our craftsmanship. If we think that elements in your designs could be arranged or colored differently, to improve the finished product, we’ll make suggestions to you, and see what you think.

We are human, and mistakes happen. If you are not satisfied with your order, let us know and we’ll do what we can to remedy the situation. We believe that a company can be measured by how it handles problems that arise.

Stylax Sportswear is Flexible

Our flexibility is a symbol of our commitment to customization.  If you require special packaging, or a special timeline, we’ll do our best to accommodate. We can’t always fit in a rush order, however if our schedule allows, we’ll take it. Communication is a staple of any relationship, and we bring this philosophy to all of our business relationships.